Fusheng Refrigetation Air Dryer (FR Series)
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Air cooled refrigeration dryer


Introduction to Dryers FR005A~FR150A and FR005AP~FR100AP

All models are using stainless steel heat exchanger shell.

Heat exchanger tube is using nickel-plated brass pipe, anti-corrosion and long service life properties .

Use louvred flat tube condenser, provide lightweight, compact, highest efficiency and increased service life.

Use ozone-friendly refrigerant R134A , R407C and R410A.



Large air-cooled dryer


Introduction for Dryers FR200A~FR600A and FR150AP~FR500AP

Use ozone-friendly refrigerant R407C.

It is the only one to use tubes and fins in the air to air heat exchange. It can increase the efficiency of heat exchange.The air to air  heat exchange cool down the inlet air temperature before going into the evaporator, to increase the evaporator efficency and ensure the dryer outlet dewpoint.

Heat to cold air that is returning from evaporator, avoid the outlet pipe condensated.




Water-cooled dryer


Introduction for Dryers FR075W~FR300W and FR075WP~FR1000WP 




Secondary condenser design, use the outlet cold air to cool the high pressure refrigerant again. It increases the dryer capacity even the ambient temperature is hot. 


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