Fusheng ZW Series (Fixed Speed)
Fusheng ZW Series (Fixed Speed) Oil Free Screw Type 空气压缩机   Supplier, Rental, Services | JB COMPRESSOR SERVICES SDN BHD

Product Features

  • High Efficiency

The Injected Water brings the benefits: sealing and cooling. Injected water fills the gaps inside the compressor chamber and minimizes the leaking compressed air which much reduces power consumption ensures better compression efficiency then dry compressor. The increased capacity compare to single stage dry compressor more than 15%.


  • High Reliability

ZW Series equipped with single screw airend made in Japan. The airend was launched since 1982, the field experience is more than 30 years in the market. The reliable airend ensure the best air quality, energy-saving and reliability. Water is easy to be accessible and also ensure clean air for customer.


  • Long Maintenance Period

The compressor is running nearly isothermal compression direct driven by motor, with high quality components and long-life bearings. The service intervals are much extended.


  • Clear Dry Air

The dust in the air can be captured by injected water and filtered out in water filter.

The viscosity of water is much lower than lube oil which can be easily separated from air in the separator. Liquid water is firstly separated by water reservoir. Then the saturated compressed air can be dried by the dryer downstream.


  • Silent

Injected water seals the gaps inside the compressor and increases air capacity. The airend is running in low speed. The forces on the main rotor are balanced by the opposite compression chambers. New design on sound-proof canopy is equipped ensure silence operation.


  • Environment Friendly

1. Anti-corrosion material and process are introduced in the airend to prevent any rusting. New materials, such as ceramics and carbon fiber, are applied inside the compression chamber. Ultra fine water filter and automatic water filling function ensure clean water and clean compressed air.

2.Water treatment

(1).Increases pH valve will reduce metal ions, also decrease solubility of calcium carbonate and water hardness.

(2).Released zinc ions will prevent internally corrosion on the pipe. Zinc ions can prevent ferric oxide on the internal surface of pipeline.


  •  Isothermal Compression

Water is injected into the compressor and the compressed air is cooled by injected water which closed to isothermal compression. Liquid water fills the gaps between rotors and rotors-housing much reduced internal leakage. Theoretically, isentropic compression on air from 20°C to 7 bar ,the discharge temperature will be more than 250°C. By injecting water into the compressor, the discharge temperature can be down to 40°C and getting higher efficiency similar to isothermal compression.


  • Ensure oil free design

Gate rotors are hold by water lubricated ceramic plain bearings. Neutral rooms between mechanical seals and bearings prevent water vapor going to the bearings which increases reliability.

Technical Specification

Model Working Pressure
Motor Power
7 2.3 20 720 1460x810x1500
7 2.3 20 720 1460x810x1500
7 3.5 30 790 1460x810x1502
7 3.5 30 790 1460x810x1502
7 6 50 1000 1575x965x1630
7 6 50 1000 1575x965x1630
7 6 50 790 1575x870x1100
7 6 50 790 1575x870x1100
7 9.5 75 1700 2290x1230x1450
7 9.5 75 1700 2290x1230x1450
7 13 100 1850 2290x1230x1450
7 13 100 1850 2290x1230x1450
7 16 120 2695 2840x1630x1740
7 15 120 2695 2840x1630x1740
7 18.2 135 2745 2840x1630x1740
7 17.4 135 2745 2840x1630x1740
7 21.3 160 2800 2840x1630x1740
7 20.8 160 2800 2840x1630x1740
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