Fusheng ZWV Series (Inverter)
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Fusheng Variable Frequency Dedicated Controller

  • Intelligent processor is applied.
  • Advanced voltage regulating logical control loop.
  • Triggering pressure: ±0.1kg/cm2
  • Digital display. Easy to control.
  • Complete protecting functions.

Advantages other Than Saving Energy

  • Provides stable exhaust pressure.
  • Improve motor power factors.
  • Reduce startup current.
  • Erase high current of star-delta switching.
  • Increase lifetime of the compressor.

High Performance Inverter and High Efficiency Variable Speed Motor

  • High performance vector frequency inverter is applied with the high efficiency variable frequency motor to increase motor power factor and save energy up to 7%.
  • Intelligent and variable frequency control is applied. Output is more energy-saving and efficient compared to other variable frequency compressors and induction motors in the market.
  • 50/60Hz are available.

Variable Frequency Startup/Operation

  •  Decrease startup current.    
  •  Reduce Star-Delta startup current.
  • Increase Lifetime of the compressor



Stable Pressure and Energy-Saving of the Air Compression System

  •  High speed response to the air demand and keep the pressure band at +0.1kg/cm2.
  • Comparing to traditional capacity control, lower setting pressure will reduce 8% energy consumption at 1kg/cm2G pressure difference.



Linear Operation and Output

  • Saves energy up to 35% compared to traditional capacity control.
  •  20~100% linear variable frequency control output depends on the loading change.



Management of the Air Compression System

  • With fixed speed compressors as the base load in the air compression system, only one variable frequency air compressor needs to be managed loading and by connected with other fixed speed compressors, the system efficiency can be improved up to 35% and system pressure will be more stable which improves the competitive strength of the customer.

Benefits of Variable Speed Air Compressor

  • During the lifetime of the variable speed air compressor, up to 35% operation cost of energy can be saved.

Technical specification

Model Working Pressure 
Motor Power 
7 3.5 30 850 1700x1100x1730
7 6 50 1100 1700x1100x1730
7 6 50 1000 1700x1100x1400
7 13 100 2100 2810x1230x1450
7 20.8 160 3000 2430x1630x1740
7 2.5 200 3600 2430x1630x1740
Remarks:unique requirements acceptable customization


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